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Lithium Ores

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Florrea is the reagent-based solutions provider for the recovery of lithium from brines, recycled electric vehicle (EV) batteries and hard-rock sources. As widespread adoption of EVs continues to drive the surge in demand for lithium,Florrea helps mining operations concentrate and purify lithium at levels required for high-value applications. We offer a broad range of reagents for lithium recovery, including solvent extractants, collectors (promoters), frothers and depressants. 

Lithium Recovery via Flotation

Florrea’s Portfolio for Lithium Mineral Flotation

Florea partners with lithium flotation operations to optimize their flotation processes, most notably for spodumene, to consistently yield high-grade spodumene concentrates. Our experts work with producers to formulate custom mining reagents for lithium, based on mineralogical information from their specific operations. 
These reagents include collectors, frothers and dispersants/modifiers, which are designed to maximize the performance of lithium mineral flotation operations by improving grade and recovery at lower reagent doses than competing solutions.
Florrea’s portfolio of high-performance mining chemicals for lithium flotation includes collectors, frothers and, modifiers and dispersants.  
To meet growing lithium demand, especially for electric vehicle batteries, suppliers are searching for more efficient means of producing high-purity lithium with reduced effort, cost and environmental impact. Florrea’s specialty mining reagents facilitate lithium processing from hard-rock sources through flotation. Our offerings improve productivity and reduce customers' operating costs. 
Florrea’s reagents for lithium beneficiation optimize spodumene flotation processes, enabling mining operations to produce high-grade spodumene concentrates with low iron content. 

  • Our anionic and cationic  collectors for hard-rock lithium processing offer improved performance, greater selectivity and better overall metallurgical performance than traditional sulfide collectors.
  • Our frothers are alcohol- and glycol-based products formulated to optimize spodumene flotation systems.  Florrea’s frothers for lithium recovery allow for lower dosages compared to typical branched alcohols.
  • Our  dispersants are synthetic anionic polymers that feature a low-to-high molecular weight. These mining reagents for lithium processing optimize collector performance by modifying pulp rheology to enhance lithium grade and recovery. 


1. Proposed processing flowsheet
(1) Grinding → desliming → flotation
(2) If the feeding ore containing high content of tantalum-niobite and mica, the processing circuit of removing iron and mica is recommended
(3) The desliming yield is usually between 5% and 15%. 

2. Application
Spodumene collector: Florrea C75 Collector
Spodumene modifier: Florrea 2025 Modifier

Reagent preparation
After shaking well, the two reagents can be added directly without dilution. C75 cannot be diluted with water.

Flotation temperature
They can be used when the water temperature and ambient temperature are above 5℃, and the beneficiation temperature is above 10℃, and the beneficiation effect can be exerted normally.

Generally, firstly add Florrea 2025 with conditioning time for 10 minutes, then add C75 and conditioning time for 20 minutes into roughing.

Reagent dosage
Florrea 2025 dosage (4ml-5ml)/500g raw ore, C75 dosage (0.4ml-0.6ml)/500g raw ore. If it is desired to increase the Spodumene recovery rate and reduce its grade in the tailings, please increase the dosage of C75; on the contrary, to increase the concentrate grade by reducing the dosage of C75.
Tailing water ,after has been treated by sedimentation, flocculation and filtration etc., it can be recycled and reused together with Florrea C75 and 2025.
Do not add acid and caustic soda during the treatment of tailing water, otherwise the recycling use of Florrea reagent shall not be good.

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