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Flotation Frothers

Florrea F500 series frothers is a full range of flotation frothers including alcohol, glycols, giycols ethers and formulations which is well-suited to enhancing frother performance. Florrea mining frothers is suitale for mineral processing of base metal sulphides, precious metals(gold, silver, PGEs), industrial minerals, coal and various other non-sulphides.


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Tailings Management

Florrea partners with mineral processing companies to engineer tailings dewatering solutions that recover as much water as possible, giving you a more sustainable tailings disposal process while extending the life of your tailings storage facility and try to increase as much as possible the amount of a traditional tailings disposal solution – which ultimately helps to defer the heavy cost of building a new facility.

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Zim container ship burns off coast of Canada

Florrea Dispersants

Florrea Dispersants


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