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Non-cyanide gold leaching agents

Non-cyanide gold leaching agents


Technical Data Sheet   (Excellent Cyanide Replacement , Environmentally friendly)

Florrea Gold Lixiviant GOLDIX 571---Environmentally friendly Gold Leaching without cyanide.


Trade Name:  Florrea Goldix 571 gold leaching reagent

Synonyms:Gold leaching reagent , Lixiviant , Leachant , Florrea GOLDIX 571 ,Excellent 100% replacement for sodium cyanide in gold leaching

Chemical Name: containingNa2O,N,H2O,Ca,Fe,NH4and other proprietary compenents

HS Code:2929.9090

Strength compared with sodium cyanide:

low toxicity, little environmental pollution, reliable performance, wide application, high leaching rate, quicker recycling, less dosage, lower cost, easy to use

Product Performance: similar to cyanide salt


80% of the gold leaching in the world is done by sodium cyanide. Florrea Goldix 571 can replace cyanide completely. It is widely used as leachante in gold and silver mines for Gold and silver leaching to replace toxic cyanide for heap leaching, dump leaching, carbon leaching, CIP Leaching(carbon-in-pulp process) of gold-bearing oxidized ore in gold and silver mines.

GOLDIX 571 is an excellent replacement for sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, calcium cyanide in gold leaching process.

Physical Characteristics:

Florrea GOLDIX 571 is in solid lump form or pellet form with almost no ordour.

Soluble in water . It is a high-tech environmentally friendly chemicals or new leachant.

It can be used directly by dissolving with clean water or warm water.

In the production of gold mining industry, the product has many advantages such as simple operation (similar to the conventional cyanidation), high leaching rate, short leaching time, low toxicity and environmental protection, convenient transportation and storage .

l  Newly Developed Products

Florrea GOLDIX 571 is one of our significant scientific achievements(invention patent) invented by our experts and related scientific research institute.

l  High recovery rate

Florrea GOLDIX 571 can effectively leach the gold ionized atom, increase gold recovery rate with high leaching rate .  Suitable for large scale production

l  High Leaching rate & Shorter leaching time

It can leach gold ions effectively, and enjoys high leaching rate and quicker leaching speed than sodium cyanide.

l  High Recycling Rate

The cycling manufacturing enjoys shorter period, and its production cycle (heap filtering) is about 25% shorter than sodium cyanide.

l  Stable Performance

 With addition of effective stabilizer, it can reduce the disturbance caused by S and Sb and other hazardous elements .

l  Less Dosage

  Goldix 571 is produced with imported raw materials and performed stably, with less dosage than similar products

l   Less cost of risk management and transportation

 It tremendously helps the mining company  reducing various costs of purchasing ,transportation, storage, safety procedure ,environmentally friendly facilities  and risk management, furthermore it enhances the relationship with local community.

l  Low-toxicity and environmentlly-friendly

Goldix 571 is certified as general cargo by distinguished authority.

It can greatly appease the contamination and hazard of poisoning caused during the production by using Goldix 571 instead of sodium cyanide.

The results of toxicity test taken by China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention shows that the acute oral

 test  LD50 is 50.1mg/kgBW,less than that of caustic soda (whose LD50 is 40mg/kgBW).

The ore tailings is tested to meet the requirements of environment protection.

l  Convenient to use

The Leaching circuit and application method is same as that with sodium cyanide, and rather easy to use .

GOLDIX 571 is compatible with sodium cyanide extracting process.

The pregnant solution and barren one can be reused.

l  Much easier for sea ,air, railway and inland transportation
Goldix 571 is certified as general cargo by distinguished authority.

     It can be shipped easily and with less cost and less procedure and documents.

Guide of Application

l  It is recommended that a proof test suitable for its specific leaching conditions is done before using

 GOLDIX 571.

l  Flow sheet of Application

Goldix 571 is used in the same metallurgy procedure as that of traditional gold cyanidation.

Ore---crushing—heaping—leaching---sorption using active carbon---resolution & electro analysis

---smeltering---alloy gold

l  Comminution

Ore crushing shall be done in accordance with ore grade and ore properties.

l  Dissolving of Goldix 571

GOLDIX 571 is in solid lump or powder form. If necessary, secondary crush can be conducted on it in order to have a better and complete dissolve by water or warm water (about 6 - 8h).

l  Alkalinity controland adjusting

GOLDIX 571 is an alkaline mixture (PH=11.6). Adjust pH value of back water 11±1. When pH is below 10, please use lime (CaO2 ) or caustic soda( NaOH ) (try not use NaOH if possible) to adjust as a stabilizer . Before GOLDIX 571 is used, PH value shall be adjusted and maintained as per ore properties. It is proved that PH value of 11.14 can have the best leaching performance. If pH is over 12,it is possible that active carbon have some difficulty in collecting the gold though the leading is not affected.

Keep a regular detection on the aqueous solution alkalinity and solution concentration. If necessary, adjust alkalinity and solution concentration in time and frequently.

l  Reagent Concentration

It is recommended to prepare GOLDIX solution atthe concentration from  3% to 11% as per ore properties and gold grade.

When the backwater pH is adjusted to standard, calculate the volume of water and then Calculate how much gold leaching reagent should be used. That Is to say, put in Goldix 571 environmental friendly gold extracting reagent in the proportion of one kilogram to 4 kilogram of Goldix 571 for each cubic meter of water.

The reagent concentration should be tested in line with the method provided by the company.

Due to the different ore characteristics and pH values, the optimum reagent concentration should be determined according to the actual ore reserve and experiment on the ore sample. The gold processing reagent Goldix 571 should be put in accordance with the proportion.

Dank woven bags, gunny bags or drug frames can be used to hold water and continuously pour and dissolve the reagent pond (barren liquor pond) or pump into the reagent tank and make it vibrating and stirring from time to time until the reagent has completely dissolved. If heap leaching processing is conducted, reagent addition and spraying can be done simultaneously.


After backwater PH value is adjusted to the standard 10-12, measure the water volume in the water tank, and make up dosage  and add Goldix 571 around 0.01~0.03% based on the ore weight (100~300 gram Goldix 571 / per ton ore). The dosage is changeable with the pH value of the ore and ore characteristics.


l  It is recommended to use activated carbon instead of zinc wire or ion exchange resinsto remove gold from solution.

l  Please use Lime instead of caustic soda as pH regulator.

l  Regular detections shall be made to determine Au content in the mineralizing solution and adsorption effects of activated carbon.

l  During the process of leaching, Goldix 571 has no repulsive effect on gold cyanidation or it is compatible with sodium cyanide extracting process.

Temperature Influence

Ambient temperature has a certain influence in the leaching speed and leaching rate, so it is recommended to use the product when the ambient temperature is above 10 ℃.

Transport and Storage

The product is non-ignitable, non-explosive, non- hazard of oxidant, zero radioactivity, no other transport hazard; preferable to transport by highway, railway, ocean shipping and air.

As the product is vulnerable to moisture absorption, measures shall be made to prevent moisture, damp and water; it shall be sealed tightly and stored in a cool and dry place.

The product shall be insulated for storage; mixed loading with acid chemicals and edible items is strictly prohibited.  Prevent human and domestic animals from swallowing.

Regulations on safety in production shall be formulated and improved in accordance with relevant provisions of the state.

Packing: 1) 25kg net PP woven bag lined with polyethylene bag

 2) 1000kg net IBC bag


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