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Reprocessing of tailings

Technical Service for Reprocessing of Gold Leaching Tailings


In the earlier development stage of minerals processing, many concentrators adopted extensive management mode due to the low economic development and minerals processing technology. In consequence many valuable minerals were discarded along with the tailings, which resulted in huge waste of mineral resources.
Nowadays, the depletion of mineral resources and continuous progress of minerals processing technology has stimulated the development of tailings reprocessing technology.

Florrea is dedicated to supply value-added technical services for comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and to promote the sustainable development of mining industry.

Florrea specializes in flotation technology to produce concentrate from gold leaching tailings. We are working with gold mining companies to reprocess gold leaching tailings, bringing them much more economical benefit and reducing much construction and maintenance costs of tailing dams.


Contact Florrea, you’ll get sustainable development solutions for your tailings.

Management and Operation of Gold leaching tailing Concentrator


Florrea tailor-makes reprocessing process for different gold leaching tailings, fully excavating the value of tailings.
Florrea also undertakes and operate the gold leaching tailing concentrator. The contracting service forms mainly include:

  1. 1.General contracting service of Production output, flotation performance and costs
  2. 2.Commission management based on production output, mineral processing performance index and cost index management.
  3. 3.Technology and management converting into investment money to be a shareholder.




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Reprocessing of tailings

Reprocessing of tailings


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