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Flotation Collectors

Florrea has a wide range of collectors that provide varing levels of power and selectivity for both sulfide and industrial mineral applications. Each of the following basic product familles have a variety of derivatives to accommodate the needs of each particular ore. In most cases, our custom formulations of these basic chemistries are developed to meet the industrial needs of the mill.


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Tailings Management

Florrea partners with mineral processing companies to engineer tailings dewatering solutions that recover as much water as possible, giving you a more sustainable tailings disposal process while extending the life of your tailings storage facility and try to increase as much as possible the amount of a traditional tailings disposal solution – which ultimately helps to defer the heavy cost of building a new facility.

Zim container ship burns off coast of Canada

Zim container ship burns off coast of Canada

Florrea Dispersants

Florrea Dispersants


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