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Dewatering Filter Aids

Ores of various minerals are concentrated by various procedures to provide mineral concentrates that are further processed to valuable materials. One of the most widely used methods of concentration of minerals is that of froth flotation which is applicable to a wide variety of ores including sulfide and non-sulfide varieties.


Ores  of various minerals are concentrated by various procedures to provide mineral  concentrates that are further processed to valuable materials.

One  of the most widely used methods of concentration of minerals is that of froth  flotation which is applicable to a wide variety of ores including sulfide and  non-sulfide varieties.

In  many instances a series of flotations are performed whereby increasingly  cleaner concentrates result.
             After  a concentrate has been sufficiently enriched in mineral values, it may be  subjected to further processing such as drying and smelting, which processing  may be performed at another location.
             To  subject the concentrate to further processing, it is generally dewatered by filtration  or equivalent process, such as centrifugation to remove water therefrom. The  removal of water from the concentrate decreases the costs of shipping when it  is processed at a new location. The removal of water also reduces the  requirements for energy consumption when drying is effected.

The  commercial procedure for dewatering mineral concentrates generally involved  filtration of the aqueous slurry of mineral values arising from concentrating  the ore by flotation or other concentration process.
             The  residual water content of the dewatered mineral concentrate will vary widely  depending upon the mineral composition, the procedure of dewatering employed,  the absence or presence of dewatering aid, and the like.

Certain  dewatering aids have been used in the prior processes for dewatering. In some  instances, the dewatering aid was not completely acceptable because it did not  reduce the moisture content of the dewatered mineral concentrate adequately. In  other instances, the dewatering aid was not substantially adsorbed on the  dewatered mineral concentrate and contaminated the process water, which water  is recycled to the mining processes including that of ore concentration from  where the mineral concentrates to be dewatered arise.
             Contamination  of the recycled process water adversely affects ore concentration and other  processes associated with mining operations.

Thus,  there exists the need for improved dewatering processes for mineral  concentrates which not only provide low moisture contents in the dewatered  mineral concentrates but which also provide dewatering aids that are  substantially adsorbed on the dewatered mineral concentrates so as to minimize  adverse effects on other mining processes that employ the recycled process  water. Such a provision would satisfy a long-felt need and constitute a notable  advance in the art.

Florrea’s DWATER@ Series dewatering Aids
    Florrea  DWATER @ dewatering aids /Mine dewatering  filter aids are specially formulated surface active agents and, are used  to reduce cake moisture in the filtration of mineral slurries, of mineral concentrates such as sulfide  flotation concentrates, iron ore concentrates and coal concentrates during filtration and subsequent storage  applications like tailings. These  products normally reduce the surface tension of water so that water is easily  removed from mineral surfaces during filtration and storage. Dewatering /  filter aids are widely used in all wet mineral processing applications where  improving moisture content of filtered cakes is desired.
    Application  areas include both sulfide and non-sulfide minerals processing and as well as  coal cleaning.
    Dewatering  / filter aid dosage requirements vary widely based on the application.  Dewatering / filter aids can be applied neat or in diluted form and points of  application in the process must be carefully selected. It can be added to spray  water applications onto filter cakes during filtration so that filter wash  efficiency is improved, or added directly into the mineral or concentrate  slurries going to filtering processes and even to centrifuging.
    Florrea offers various mine dewatering / filter aids for  different dewatering applications. These dewatering aids increase filtration throughput  in mineral processing by reducing moisture content and improving release of the  filter cake. They offer unique chemistry that can significantly increase  production rates and lower energy and transportation costs.
    These products also improve water recovery and water  efficiency in wet mineral processing applications.

Principal  Applications

Florrea  DWARWE@ FILTER AID has found application in lowering the filter cake moisture  contents of a wide variety of mineral slurries including the following:

  • lRotary vacuum filtration  of base metal sulfide concentrates, iron ore concentrates and coal concentrates  and tailings

  • lAlumina hydrate  filtration

  • lGlass sand filtration  and drainage • Sodium carbonate or bicarbonate filtration

  • lRotary vacuum filtration  of coal froth fines Dosage depends on application but normally lies in the  range 50–250 g/tone of dry substrate.


Florrea  DWARWE@ FILTER AID may be added either directly to the filter feed (mineral  slurry) or where fitted, it may be added to wash water applied to the filter  cake via spray bars.
    As  the action of FILTER AID is related to its concentration in the residual water  within the filter cake, it is often beneficial to apply the product via water  sprays.

As  FILTER AID is a low viscosity liquid, it is normal to add the product directly  to the filter feed or wash water feed although this should be done at a point  of turbulence to ensure good and rapid distribution of the product.


  • lReduced moisture content  of mineral concentrates which further improves drying processes and  transportation

  • lImproved filtration of  mineral concentrates and better filtration efficiency

  • lImproved drying of  mineral concentrate during storage

  • lImproved water recovery  and water efficiency in wet mineral processing applications

    Anionic, Cationic and Non-Ionic Surfactants


Florrea’s  expert field personnel are available to our customers’ engineers, production  managers and operations personnel as process advisors for dewatering  applications. We will examine your mineral dewatering needs and filtration  system from beginning to end, and develop the best chemistry and application  system to improve your operational efficiency

   Florrea DWATER@7074

Florrea DWATER@7074 series  dewatering aids are powerful liquid surfactants that are principally used to  aid in the filtration of mineral concentrates in order to reduce filter cake  moisture and improve filter cake handling characteristics. 
   They function by lowering the surface tension of  water and more importantly, by making the mineral particle surfaces more  hydrophobic (water hating), thus allowing for higher levels of moisture  reduction.  
   Also, by varying the operating parameters of the  filter, such as speed, boot level and cake thickness, the addition of the  Florrea DWATER@7074 series dewatering aids can lower moisture, increase  filtration rates, improve filter cake release and improve filter cloth life.

Florrea DWATER@7074 series  are highly concentrated, clear, slightly viscous liquids that are readily  dispersible in water.
   Florrea DWATER@7074  is specially formulated to raise the flash  point above 200° F for improved safety and long term
   storage characteristics.

These products have a low tolerance for pH above 9.
   As pH increases above this point, the product  decomposes at faster rates. 
   This property can be used to eliminate any  potential problems in a closed circuit system through the adjustment of the  slurry pH with lime to assist in the decomposition of the product.

Contact your Florrea representative for  information on decomposition vs pH and time.
   Other Florrea DWATER@7074 series  dewatering aids are available that are more readily dispersed in pulps when  conditioning times are limited

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